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Referral replacement policy active for 5, 35, 100, 500 and 2500 referral packs!


Oct 5th
The old cashout system is back, payments are open 24h a day. No instant payouts, though.

Sep 30th is back. Let's take a look at the news:
- Targeted Advertising - you now have an option to advertise your clicks to just one country, or select one country to exclude.
- Deal of the Week: every week there will be a couple of things going cheaper than usual. Take a look!
- PayPal added as a cashout option.
- PayPal Deposits - you can fund your 10Bux account via PayPal to do whatever you want in our site.
- Use Balance to buy Referrals and Upgrades - pretty self-explanatory. Use your available balnce to get upgrades or referrals or added to your downline.
- Referral Renting - you can rent 40 referrals for one week, at a price of $9.99. This may sound expensive, but we always have more ads available than others sites using this same service, so you are surely able to earn more.
- JackPoints and Lucky Draws - you have the opportunity of playing in four different Lucky Draws, with tickets between 10 ($0.10 value) and 1000 ($10)bJackPoints, and Prizes between 100 ($1) and 50000 ($500) JackPoints. A JackPoint is the currency used for the Lucky Draws, each one has a value of $0.01. You can easily convert your balance to JackPoints and vice-versa. There is also one Lucky Draw for referrals, which is the only one where the prizes are not given instantly, those will be delivered as soon as the referrals are available.
- Bubble Game - you can advertise a link and eventually earn money with it! Check the instructions here.
- Double or Nothing - a cash match where you play against another 10Bux member. Check the instructions here.
- Million Pixels - a new way of advertising. The link to this page will be forever in the "Surf" page, so you can have a link shown until the end of times at a very cheap price.
- Advertising referring - tell others to advertise at! A fantastic opportunity of earning money by just giving a link.
- New payout system: the payout pages will be open whenever the administrator of the PaidClicks Network is online, for a few minutes, several times per day. This way the accounts will be audited right after that, and the payments will be sent, via PayPal or Payza, much quicker, usually within a few minutes after the request. All pending payouts have been refunded. This solution may not be liked by everyone, but this was the best way we found to be able to send payouts in a lightning fast time, one of the main things which turned the PaidClicks Network in a respected and well-known company in the PTC business for much time, since our beginning almost a year ago.

Best wishes and nice earnings!

June 13th
You can now purchase Banner Ads to be seen everywhere in the site!

May 28th
During a recent audit, our server was found to be lacking certain updates to the system kernel. In order to properly maintain this server, we will need to process these updates as soon as possible. We have scheduled the system for these required updates to occur on Wednesday May 28th. After the system has been updated, a reboot will be required to complete all necessary changes. We estimate that this process will take no longer than thirty (30) minutes total.

May 14th
You can now purchase premium memberships and unreferred members through, if you're using a credit card. This should end the problem with credit card purchase limits you had with Payza.

Apr 11th
New feture! Get Paid to Signup! There are many registration ads available for you to get extra money, don't forget to read the instructions of every ad before applying. Also, if you already purchased a registration ad, be sure to credit your referrals at your Reg Ad Panel (My Reg Ads).

Mar 17th
Known bug: if you are not able to login, use ALL lowercase letters when you insert your username and password. Otherwise try using the "recover pass" form. In case you don't get the e-mail add to your contacts or white list.

Mar 16th
Great news for! For starters, we have changed to a new script, which prevents the slowness of the site, an awful thing we got for the last few days. The best news is...the new earnings! Yes! Look at the new click rates:
Standard member: 1cent/click and 1cent/refclick
Premium member: 1.5cent/click and 1.2/refclick
We have DOUBLED the income for standard members and improved premium members' referral earnings even more!! The time is now to get a strong downline, if you're interested please check our referral purchases page.
We are still working on getting everything 100% operational, which can last a couple of days. We will try to change all the looks to the old layout, so don't argue if you don't like our current one. It won't last long.
Main point is: keep on clicking and referring!

Feb 27th
If you are getting a red "X" when viewing a website, you have to clean the cookies from your browser and login again.
Firefox: "Tools" - "Clean private data" - select "cookies" - "clean now"
Internet Explorer: "Tools" - "Internet options" - "Delete" - "Delete cookies" - "Yes"

Feb 25th
Within only 6 days we have already 12000 members! Impressive! The $1 payout launch promotion has ended, and around 150 members have requested it. We'll add a stats page later on. All standard members which requested the lowered payout will be paid today, all premium have been paid already. To answer most of the questions sent by mail: your browser has to accept cookies, there's no signup confirmation email and there is no policy on referral replacements. We strongly encourage all of you to forward us the spam emails you have received, as we have no tolerance whatsoever regarding spamming.

Feb 19th
We launched today. Feel free to register, click some advertisements and get paid for it. Yes, we pay YOU to view some ads! That's what we're here for! The launch promotional minimum payout is only $1.00, paid via Payza to the first 100 users requesting it. After that, it will be raised to $10.00 permanently. Tell your friends to join under your referral link and get paid every time they view an ad. You can find your referral link at the "My Stats" page, after you login. Happy earning!

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